LG V10 After the Buzz: It’s still a really big phone…

You know the drill. A new phone launches. We all go crazy with commentary and videos for a couple weeks. Then, we all move on to the next new phone. How a phone ages is an important part of discussing smartphone performance. Let’s revisit a fan favorite. This phone is a beast. This phone is a tank. This phone is a monster.

LG was in an odd spot following the launch of the G Flex 2. Performance concerns surrounding the Qualcomm 810 eclipsed the discussion on both HTC and LG at the beginning of 2015. Following that debacle, LG’s next phones, the G4 and V10, both utilized less powerful (but more consistent) processors.In approaching the V10, LG focused on building a phone for multimedia playback and content creation. Though it was using less powerful hardware, it was one of the most capable devices on the market for camera performance, and the V10 includes one of the best headphone DAC/amp combinations we’ve ever heard for audiophiles.

But over eight months, how has the rest of this experiment aged? Second display? Fingerprint sensor? Battery life? What was hot, and what was hype? Does this beast still deliver today? Here’s our LG V10 After the Buzz!

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