LG UX 6.0+ on V30 to feature Floating Bar, facial recognition, better Always-on Display

LG keeps on pre-marketing its V30 device. Last week, we were told of its camera, much improved from the V20. This time around, it’s all about software and a one-up on its UX 6.0 interface.

The company has four big points to advertise with its UX 6.0+. One of them is getting it to “work even better with the immersive [6-inch] 18:9 OLED FullVision display” that was teased by guess-who. To our best guess, that’d be punchier colors and pure blacks incorporated into more elements such as backgrounds, buttons and the such.

Facial recognition, as established on the G6 and Q6, is now a standard feature and so is Qualcomm’s Aqstic voice recognition interface that allows users to unlock the phone with their voice and a dedicated 3- to 5-syllable phrase — sure, Motorola was one of the first to pull that off, but we appreciate the fact that LG considers it a good feature to include on the V30.

The Floating Bar that was actually once a rumor and not a foregone conclusion has actually been confirmed — it carries on with what the Second Screen provided with apps, contacts and the like, but as it is integrated into a single-driver display, it can be toggled off, too. Speaking of “off,” the Always-on Display can now run music controls, quick tools and even a photo stored in memory. It will also continue to show notifications with specially-tailored haptic feedback patterns that users can edit to boot.

For the camera app experience, LG is introducing Graphy as the brand for its package of manual mode enhancements — this includes GIF creations, a video editor, and the ability to hot-switch to a portfolio of camera settings (ISO, shutter speed, white balance, aperture) instantly.

We’re T minus 17 days until launch. No word from LG of this V30 Plus we’re hearing of as being an official thing it’s doing — you’d think otherwise, right?

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