LG Transparent OLED

The Integrated Systems Europe 2019 Convention is on its way in Amsterdam, and the LG Transparent OLED displays just became official, among many other things. They are part of the LG Transparent OLED Signage family, and they’re destined for retail usage, as well as galleries, museums, etc.

These displays are 38 percent transparent, according to LG, and, while the are able to display anything, like a regular screen, they also allow viewers to look at products placed behind them.

Using several of them, in a tiled setup, is also possible, opening up several customization and usage possibilities.

Additionally, LG also introduced the Color Transparent LED Film. Its transparency is 73 percent, and, according to LG, it is “a large-size solution that can be applied to any-sized glass surface to transform it magically into actual digital signage“. The film can be applied to glass with its own adhesive, and can be removed, according to the Korean company, without leaving any residue behind.

To learn about the other products LG introduced at ISE, click the source link below.

Photo credit: The Korea Herald

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