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LG trademarks several rollable monikers

By Anton D. Nagy July 30, 2019, 8:00 pm

What’s next after foldable smartphones? Rollable smartphones, and they might not even come after the foldable buzz wears off. We’ve already heard gossip about Sony possibly working on a rollable smartphone, and now LG has trademarked some monikers that could very well indicate that the Korean company is considering the rollable approach (since it pretty much skipped the foldable one, until now).

“The Roll”, “Bi-Roll”, “Double Roll”, “Dual Roll”, ‘E Roll”, “Signature R”, “R Screen”, “R Canvas”, “Roll Canvas” and “Rotolo” are all names that LG has filed trademark for in April with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as spotted by the Nashville Chatter Class.

Another trademark, “LG Rolling” was filed in Korea for a Class 9 product, which could very well indicate something different than a smartphone. We already know LG has some rollable TVs out there, so before you get your hope too high (too soon), consider this a possibility. However, having a rollable TV means that LG has the experience to bring the same technology to a smaller form factor, maybe even a tablet, a laptop, or, why not, a smartphone.

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