LG couldn’t even wait for 2016 to end before starting to officially unveil a rich and diverse product portfolio headed for CES 2017 in Las Vegas, including some standard-looking mid-range Android smartphones, a wacky levitating portable speaker, and an original pair of solutions for wireless entertainment.

They may not be truly unique in either concept or execution, but the LG Tone Free and especially Tone Studio work surprisingly well alongside the V20 handheld towards the Korean company’s ultimate goal of creating an immersive, crisp and uncomplicated audio environment around you.

Pocketnow senior editor Juan Bagnell has more details to share from on the ground in Sin City, after listening to the loudest, sharpest classical neck-music you can possibly imagine. And fret not, you don’t necessarily have to look like a schmuck while carrying the modern equivalent of a boombox on your shoulder in public, as the LG Tone Studio features its very own cabled earbuds in addition to four speakers, a haptic pad and Hi-Fi DAC. All for a reasonable price of around $250.

Meanwhile, the high-quality $150 LG Tone Free wireless earbuds come with a simpler neckband ensuring safe storage and providing extra battery power, as well as an optional charging cradle if you feel the neck accessory is a little inconvenient.


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