LG Tone Studio wearable audio device begins global rollout, coming to North America very soon

Did you know the LG Tone series of “premium” Bluetooth headsets has racked up cumulative sales of 20 million units since 2010? We had no idea these around-the-neck audio products were so successful, considering their once oddball designs, often extravagant pricing, and overall niche target audience.

But you have to admit hearing our own Juan Bagnell describe the brand-new LG Tone Studio as an “entertainment audio cloud floating around your head” back at CES 2017 in January piqued your curiosity, at the very least.

Following an initial late December 2016 announcement, and several exciting demonstrations over the ensuing months, the “wearable immersive audio device” is finally ready for primetime, kicking off its worldwide commercial rollout this week in the Middle East.

By the end of March, the LG Tone Studio should be up on store shelves in North American markets, followed by Asia and Latin America next month, and then Europe sometime in May. Unfortunately, mum’s still the word on pricing, with tags obviously varying from region to region, and US speculation a while ago circling the $200 mark.

Whatever the official number, this thing is an audiophile’s wet dream, perfectly matching the LG V20 and G6’s sound prowess with four built-in speakers, including a vibrating pair, DTS enhancements, and of course, a Hi-Fi DAC ready to recreate content at 32-bit/192kHz.

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