LG randomly texts users in India ‘news’ of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Karma can be such a you-know-what sometimes, and that’s a lesson Samsung needs to learn the hard way, as all its occasionally amusing, but often ill-natured Apple attack ads from the past are coming back to bite the controversy-marred Korean tech giant.

While Cupertino continues to take the high road, and other mobile industry rivals appear to be waiting to see how Galaxy Note 7 fire scandals play out, Motorola (or rather Lenovo) and LG can’t help themselves.

Unfortunately, both Moto’s elaborate early September marketing campaign and LG’s more recent, less meticulous Samsung jabs come off as bitter and unfair instead of lighthearted or witty.

You’d think Korea’s eternal number two smartphone manufacturer had more important things to worry about than a competitor’s quality control, and the way this latest aggression was carried out doesn’t feel particularly clever either.

Why harass random people in India with snarky text messages wishing them a “safe Diwali” (yes, really) when you could have simply gone the “traditional” social media route in spreading “the news of exploding products”?

Still, Samsung can’t possibly hope to escape public ridicule anytime soon, especially if Note 7 incidents come back to haunt the OEM. For its part, LG had better release the V20 on Indian shores (and worldwide) before its contender’s sales are rebooted everywhere.

Source: Gadgets 360

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