LG Tablet Successor to Optimus Pad Spotted?

LG broke into the tablet game earlier this year with the release of the Optimus Pad / G-Slate. The Honeycomb slate featured some interesting design choices, like the inclusion of a 3D-capable digital camera but lacking the autosteroscopic screen needed to display such images without requiring the user to wear glasses. Now we’ve spotted what looks like a new LG tablet; could this be the Optimus Pad’s successor?

If it wasn’t for the LG logo up-front, we might mistake this model for original Optimus Pad, which keeps its LG badging on the tablet’s back (Update: We’ve been made aware that the international version does, in face, have the logo as seen above). The change does seem a little odd, and it’s something to keep in mind when considering the picture’s legitimacy. It’s difficult to get a proper sense of scale from the image, but it seems that we’re dealing with something roughly the same size as that old 8.9-inch model, and possibly getting a slight bump up to the ten-inch range.

As for hardware and software, we’re largely left speculating, but we can make a few educated guesses. If we’re looking at something about the same size as the Optimus Pad, something else is likely changing to warrant the release of a new model. LG was an early adopter when it came to dual-core chips on Android smartphones; could we see it getting to ready to take the same kind of role when it comes to quad-core tablets?

The other big question on our mind is the choice of operating system. While Honeycomb is the safe bet, those manufacturers who are among the first to introduce Ice Cream Sandwich-running tablets will likely find themselves at an advantage over competitors; just how feasible launching this device with Android 4.0 will prove for LG would depend largely on timing, and it’s difficult to say how near this device is to release.

Update 2: Could this be the LTE version of the Optimus Pad? PocketDroid thinks we might be looking at that newly-announced version of the tablet, keeping an 8.9-inch screen but getting a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.

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