LG Spectrum from Verizon Software Tour (Video)

In this video, we are taking a closer look at the software on the LG Spectrum from Verizon.

One would like to believe that this dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon smartphone could conquer the Empire. Sadly to do so you’d need the powerful Jedi Knight which the LG Spectrum was built to be, but fails to accomplish at times. While it’s 4.5″ screen is bright and brilliant, the underlying Android version has been corrupted by LG’s Touchwiz-like skin, and the glossy exterior is beginning to show its dark side.

There is a noticable amount of bloat on the device, very little of which can be removed, unfortunately. And even these applications were plagued with problems. For example, I’ve never been able to completely launch and use the VZ Navigator – it simply makes the device completely unusable until you reboot. Even the built-in phone dialer crashed at one point, losing a call, but acting like it was still connected (reboot again).

So far, I have been completely unimpressed with the software side of the LG Spectrum. Lag, crashes, and oddities galore have sullied what could have been a good experience. And for the price, this device is quickly slipping off my recommend list.

Stay tuned for our upcoming hardware tour of the LG Spectrum, where we will dig into the phone in more detail.

The LG Spectrum is available for $199 on a 2-year contract from Verizon.

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