LG shortens T-Mobile BOGO G6 deal validity [UPDATE]

Update: Well, that was exciting. On Monday, LG told us that the deal was on and the terms on the LG Rebates page weren’t changed. The company has since changed the validity date to end yesterday. That means that if you bought two LG G6 devices through yesterday, you’ll be able to redeem the $500 credit through July 8.

An LG customer service representative has told Pocketnow that a “buy one, get one free” offer on the LG G6 is back on after having been only active for a day before prematurely ending. There was a company edict clarifying the status of the offer just today.

The deal, which credited $500 (T-Mobile’s price for the device) to customers who bought two G6 units, is being dealt with directly from LG’s special promotions site here. Commenters on our previous article say that T-Mobile retail representatives have properly passed them along to LG in order to redeem the reward.

A T-Mobile representative told us that LG has not updated the carrier on the campaign’s situation since the weekend.

Customers will need to keep their receipt as it contains pertinent information to be entered into the online form like the T-Mobile store number. The promotion should be valid through June 8 with the redemption period extending to July 8.

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