With all the dual-core and 4G-capable smartphones on their way to market, what’s a man of simple tastes to do? If you’re just looking for a straightforward, no-frills Android but would still prefer picking up a newer model, LG has got you covered, as the company revealed its LG Optimus Me P350 on Facebook today.

LG describes the phone as “compact, glossy, colorful, powerful and reasonable”, and it certainly looks like it’s hitting most of those targets. The P350 resembles a streamlined Optimus One, with nearly the same mass and dimensions. If they are based on the same design, that does call into question LG’s claim of the phone’s processing power, as you may remember the Optimus One only has a 600MHz CPU. If LG wanted to knock that up to 800MHz or so, we’d be more likely to agree with the company’s assessment. Keeping the specs low should help with that “reasonable” bit, as the P350 may be one of the more affordable smartphones to arrive in 2011.

The phone will be available in an assortment of colors, favoring pastel shades, and ship running Android 2.2. The best estimation of the phone’s release puts it sometime during Q1 of this year. Based on its 3G frequency bands, it looks like the P350 is headed for Europe. Keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming months.

Source: LG Mobile Global Facebook

Via: GSM Arena

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