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LG ready to supply upcoming iPad Air models with OLED displays

By Samuel Martinez August 18, 2021, 5:47 pm
new iPad Air

It seems that Apple’s suppliers are stepping up their game. We have received information suggesting that Samsung was getting ready to make OLED displays for next year’s iPad Air using new and advanced processes. However, the latest rumor suggests that LG has also decided to improve its manufacturing techniques and increase its production capacity to have more OLED panels ready when Apple needs them.

Rumors suggest that we will get more iPad models with OLED displays, and it seems that Apple’s main suppliers are getting ready to meet the demand. Remember that we are expecting to get a new iPad Air with an OLED display in 2022, meaning that both Samsung and LG have to have more than enough OLED panels for the upcoming iPad and MacBook Pro models that are also expected to feature this technology in their displays.


The latest report from ET News claims that LG has now started to improve its OLED manufacturing process from the 6th generation to the 8th generation, which is exactly what Samsung has done.

“Samsung and LG are converting their small and medium sized OLED panel manufacturing technology, which has remained in the 6th generation, to the 8th generation. In the display industry, a generation is the size of a glass substrate. The higher the generation, the larger the substrate size, which means that larger displays can be produced more efficiently.”

“It is understood that Samsung Display and LG Display are developing 8th-generation evaporator. The evaporator is a key equipment that forms red (R), green (G), and blue (B) pixels. Like water vapor condensing on the lid when boiling water in a pot, the OLED material is heated and settled on the substrate. Samsung Display is developing an 8th generation evaporator with Japan’s ULVAC, while LG Display is developing it with Sunic System in Korea.”

The new process will allow Samsung and LG to produce larger OLED displays that would arrive in sizes of 10-inch and larger, which would fit inside a new iPad Air and future MacBook models. ITHome has also reported on the topic, claiming that LG is investing in additional equipment to increase its small OLED display panel production from 30,000 per month to 60,000.

Via 9to5Mac

Via MacRumors


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