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It seems LG is spreading the announcement of its new flagship out over multiple days. First, we got official confirmation of the display on the G3. Now, we are seeing the LG QuickCircle case, which was leaked previously and is now official.

The South Korean company says that the case “does more than just protect,” as it has smart features similar to the Quick Window case of yesteryear (which we saw on the G2). This case actually allows users to do quite a lot without even lifting its flap — LG says that it will let users of it check the time, listen to music, and get health updates right from the window. Some more in-depth things can also be done right through the window: sending text messages, placing phone calls, and controlling music playback.

In terms of the design, it is allegedly a quite easy-to-hold case because of a strong grip. Within the circle itself, there will be a feature similar to the Moto X’s “breathing” feature of Active Display whenever you receive a call or text message, and when the case is opened and closed. It is tough for us to picture exactly how this will work immediately, so we will have to wait to get our hands on it to learn more.

Wireless charging with Qi is enabled with the case (which is basically confirmation that the G3 will have inbuilt wireless charging), and LG will release an SDK for developers to work their magic with the case. Although, we aren’t exactly fans of manufacturer-specific SDKs.

No case is complete without colors, though, so LG is giving buyers the choice of five different looks. You can choose from Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint, Indian Pink when purchasing it.

Update: Here’s a promo video posted by LG to show the case off.

Source: LG Newsroom, LG (YouTube)

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