Last year, we learned that parts of Europe were getting the LG Q8. It was characterized as a smaller, waterproof version of the V20 — it was released in Japan as the V34.

Well, the scramble is on to decode a new moniker. Nashville Chatter Class has obtained a screenshot the certification result for the LM-Q815L, made on June 4. Cross-referencing that model name with the Wi-Fi Association shows that the Q815L and Q815S both got rubber stamped in April and are running Android Oreo. In the latest version of the Google Play Support Devices document (available here), looking up the model names shows that they correspond to the name “Q8+.”

So, does this mean that there will be a smaller V30 device coming soon? Not necessarily.

Note that the Q8 was codenamed “anna” to the V20’s “elsa” — both are lead characters in Disney’s 2013 3D-animated film, “Frozen.” Both phones also have model numbers that begin with ‘H,’ ‘F’ or ‘X,’ which are strictly associated with the V-series. The well-rounded welterweight Q-series‘ model numbers start with the letter ‘Q’ as this current device does. It also has the very memorable codename of “cv7an.”

Whatever this LG phone turns out to be, we’ll want to see in what shape this supposedly small phone will take.

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