Apparently, LG decided that after seeing our last story go to publish, it wanted to pre-empt its own “BarbeQ” in Poland to fully announce the LG Q6 series. We’re only kidding, of course, but that press release came at a fortuitous time, didn’t it?

The main spec slice between the LG Q6+, LG Q6 and LG Q6α is the memory configurations, which you can see above.

Worries of a 32-bit chipset being used for any one of these devices has been assuaged — the 64-bit Snapdragon 435 takes place on the trio. The 5.7-inch display of the G6 is traded in for a 5.5-inch panel, but it’s still at the 2:1 FullActive aspect ratio that’s hot for 2017 — overall, you’ll see an approximately 7 percent drop in screen real estate. But as it is made clear with the configurations, the LG Q6α will end up being the most affordable out of this mid-range pack.

The facial recognition feature that’s been promised for G6 units is included in each of these devices while the frame, made of 7000-series aluminium, combined with the matte finish on the back that you wouldn’t mind dinging up means that you can take easy about the phones’ durability. There’s also “Steady Record” software stabilization for videos on that main camera.

The big bummer here is that USB-C is eschewed for a Micro-B connection at USB 2.0 spec — a connector that remains popular, if a dying one.

The phones will first hit Asia. Europe, Latin America and North America will receive the Q6 series later.

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