Diminutive G6 confirmed to land July 11 as LG Q6 with ‘FullVision’ display, facial recognition

Intent on turning things around even after what looks like a disappointing first few months of G6 availability, LG Mobile appears to be gearing up for at least two more relatively high-profile device announcements by September.

While it’s definitely no surprise that a premium V30 is in the pipeline, diminutive flagship phones might be making a sudden industry comeback, although we’re not sure if HTC is actually thinking of releasing a U11 mini, and LG is pretty much guaranteed to go with a Q6 rather than G6 mini name.

This LG Q6 doesn’t exactly sound like an ultra-high-end model either, purportedly packing Snapdragon 430 processing power, settling for a single 13MP rear-facing camera in lieu of the G6’s dual 13-megapixel setup, and shrinking the screen down to 5.4 inches, presumably with a lower resolution than 1440 x 2880.

But maybe, just maybe that unsettling SoC rumor will prove false tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, when we expect the Q6 to officially see daylight. LG has been quite forward about its July 11 “FullVision” reveal, teasing the heck out of it on social media and YouTube over the past week or so.

With a “full, exQuisite view”, aka super-slim bezels, and a “uniQue” personality, the LG Q6 aims to “awaken” our “Q_riosity” and, yes, support the facial recognition feature recently introduced with the G6 Plus.

Alas, the other buzz-building clips are way more cryptic, involving mysterious windows, boxing gloves and swanky glasses which could hint at some sort of VR/AR companion, extra robustness and… outside friendliness? We’ll see.

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