LG Pay hits yet another roadblock on its seemingly doomed path to market

Apple, Samsung and Google are not just the world’s three leading mobile industry players in general, thanks to their active involvement and commercial success in many profitable market niches, also spearheading the early progress of mainstream on-the-go payment services.

But you can never afford to rest on your laurels in such competitive businesses, with Xiaomi and Huawei the first names that come to mind when thinking digital wallet contenders/rising smartphone stars.

Meanwhile, another long-awaited challenger gets a new delay and false start, with its rumored integrated circuit chip advantage over Samsung Pay or Android Pay possibly causing more headaches in pre-release testing.

At this point, you have to wonder whether it wouldn’t be smarter simply to scrap the LG Pay (or G Pay) project, especially given the perennial Korean OEM number two’s recent trouble selling flagship handhelds.

Let’s say the errors encountered in the inspection process lately will ultimately be fixed, and LG Pay finally sees daylight next year. Then what? Can LG hope to strike mutually advantageous deals with major financial institutions around the world, or is the goal strictly to launch this domestically? If the former, it’s surely already too late to recover lost ground, as Samsung Pay’s availability spans eight countries.

Source: ZDNet

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