LG Pay is likely launching as LG Wallet alongside the G7 in the US soon

Digital wallet competition is about to heat up some more, both in the US and around the world, as the newly rebranded Google Pay service gets a healthy marketing boost. In somewhat related but decidedly lower-profile news, the LG Pay platform finally deployed to Korea as a feeble Samsung Pay rival last summer is now reportedly gearing up for a US push.

Stateside, rumors backed up by a recent Play Store blunder have it that the mobile payment app will launch as LG Wallet, merely supporting the vendor’s “forthcoming 2018 flagship handsets” for starters.

That probably includes the LG G7 and V40, but not the G6 or V30, at least not until phase two of LG Wallet’s expansion, when some of the chaebol’s mid-range Android phones could also gain mobile payment compatibility.

The current aim is to combine the LG G7 and Wallet rollouts in the US “during the first half of this year”, although plans might still change between now and April or May. After all, LG Pay saw daylight in the company’s native land following numerous delays and mysterious setbacks, roughly 18 months behind the original schedule.

Similar to Samsung Pay, the service works at both NFC-enabled and traditional magnetic point of sale (POS) systems, the latter thanks to so-called Wireless Magnetic Communication technology, which is simply LG’s answer to its arch-enemy’s Magnetic Secure Transmission functionality. Apple Pay has no such NFC alternative, nonetheless growing at a remarkable global pace since its (limited) 2014 release.

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