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We’ve been looking forward to LG stepping up to join the likes of Samsung and Apple with its own mobile payment solution since rumors first started brewing last fall, and with the leak of a physical Coin-like electronic payment card just a couple weeks back, things were looking like they were nicely falling into place for a possible MWC debut. LG’s MWC event is set to explode upon Barcelona in just another six days, with the flagship G5 headlining the festivities. And while the G5 will be joined by plenty of other new phones and accessories, LG Pay may not be among them, as we hear reports out of South Korea with unnamed LG official indicating that the company has put LG Pay on the back burner.

To hear them tell it, the issue here isn’t that LG Pay isn’t ready for prime time, but that LG doesn’t want to steal any of the G5’s thunder. That’s an interesting choice, especially as we’ve seen LG already begin introducing new hardware that will certainly join the G5 in Spain, but that rationale appears to be the party line, at least.

So if no LG Pay at MWC, then when? Reportedly, we’re now looking at a date sometime in Q2 – though if that means early April or the first days of summer, we don’t yet know.

That would also give LG some additional time to sell us on the benefits of LG Pay. So far none of the new wave of mobile payment providers have based their systems around a physical card (the Google Wallet card notwithstanding, though that was hardly a key component), and we’re curious just how LG tries to sell us on its utility.

Source: Korea Times

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