LG Optimus Sol: First Press Shots

Once again we meet the LG Victor E730 — said to sport the brand name Optimus Sol upon release — although it looks quite a bit different than the first time we spotted it. In fact, we’re not even sure how much the specs match up with that original report, which had the 3.8-inch mid- to high-mid-end Gingerbread-powered phone packing a single-core 1GHz processor and dual five-megapixel and VGA rear and front cameras, respectively (which the press shots and a previous video seem to confirm).

With handsets such as the Optimus Black, Gelato Q slider, and Revolution 2 still poised to hit US carriers in the near future, it seems that Sol/Victor may have a difficult time finding a spot in domestic lineups. Then again, with the success of the Optimus One, LG may have bought itself more shelf space with American operators, at least for this generation of devices.

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