LG Optimus One for AT&T (Optimus A?) Revealed (Image)

We’d heard directly from LG nearly four months ago that AT&T would be joining the other three major US carriers (and most of the minor ones) in carrying its uber-popular Optimus One — but since then, total silence. While we don’t know whether or not this variant will go by the name Optimus A (only Verizon has bucked the trend of naming the Froyo slate “Optimus + first-letter-of-carrier-name” with its Vortex), the appearance of this image is highly indicative of an imminent release.

Whatever it ends up being called, this mid-range, 3.2-inch, 800MHz phone strikes us as a mashup of the Vortex and Metro PCS’ Optimus M — frankly, it’s not one of the more attractive variants, in our opinion (we like the Optimus S on Sprint best). When it does land on prospective T-Mobile owner AT&T, it will represent one of the very rare handsets to enjoy a spot in all the major carriers’ lineups: only the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Touch Pro 2 have enjoyed such wide distribution in recent memory.

Optimus One family

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