LG Optimus Black Hitting Sprint, Virgin, and Alltel too?

The success of LG’s Optimus One seems to have opened the door for the manufacturer to bring higher-end devices to the states, and now it looks as if the Optimus Black will land on Sprint, Virgin, and Alltel alongside US Cellular, which we learned last month. Thanks to an entry in the Tera-WURFL handset database, we discovered that model US855 was an Optimus Black variant, with the US tipping a US Celluar destination.

And now that US855 has passed through the FCC, we find that it will also be available as the LS855, AS855, and VM855 — with LS, AS, and VM being LG’s codes for Sprint, Alltel, and Virgin, respectively.

With a dual-core processor and class-leading NOVA display, Optimus Black certainly looks good on paper; mixed reviews of recent top-of-the-line LG hardware, however, make us curious as to real-world performance — stay tuned for our own assessment.

Source: FCC

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