LG’s Optimus 2X, the smartphone that introduced us to dual-core processing, has been on a long and rough road towards the hope of getting an official Ice Cream Sandwich update. Back when ICS was first announced late last year, the question of whether or not the Optimus 2X would see an update initially seemed up in the air. Eventually, LG committed to the update, and we saw it scheduled for a release sometime in the second quarter of 2012. Obviously, that never came to pass, and a Facebook posting from LG seemed to suggest that the update would arrive in Q3, instead. It looks like we’re in for a repeat of last week’s end to the HTC Desire HD’s ICS update saga, as now LG is saying that plans for the Optimus 2X’s update are similarly canceled.

The company’s Twitter account for Canada posted, in response to a question about ICS for the phone that “the Optimus 2X will not be receiving the ICS upgrade.” It continues, explaining, “the original upgrade announcement was a general statement issued from HQ.” We’re not quite sure what it’s implying there, but LG directly named the Optimus 2X in previous statements of specific models in-line for ICS, so it’s not like we’ve been reading too much into a generic “most models will get ICS” statement.

It’s not just the lack of official support for older Androids that bugs us, but also how these manufacturers have been teasing loyal users with promises of updates for so many months before abruptly pulling the plug.

Source: LG Canada (Twitter)
Via: Into Mobile

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