Nokia’s a company with its finger in many pies, and beyond its work with building phones, writing the software behind them, and developing all manner of services for these devices, it’s also played a key role in the formation of the communication standards they use. Companies that want to develop their own handsets that use these patents need to reach agreements with Nokia over licensing, and we’ve seen plenty of manufacturers do just that – HTC inked such a deal back in 2014. Now LG’s the latest to license Nokia patents, with the two firms announcing their deal today.

Maybe the most interesting thing about this deal is that it’s the first one Nokia’s made with a big-name smartphone company since the whole deal with Microsoft went through, with the company acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services division.

While the details of the arrangement between LG and Nokia are still under arbitration, Nokia states that it has “worked constructively with LG Electronics and agreed [upon] a mutually beneficial approach,” adding that it looks forward to future collaboration with the manufacturer.

What does all this mean for you, the end user? A deal like this means one fewer lawsuit for LG to worry about, so it can keep on making phones offering high-speed LTE connectivity without any injunctions getting in the way of sales.

Source: Nokia

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