Google sure looks like it might break from tradition this year and deliver a pair of Nexus phones, and rumors have pretty soundly settled on LG and Huawei as the companies likely to bring us these devices. We’ve already heard quite a bit about both phones, with multiple leaks getting into details like hardware specs. One of the bigger questions we’ve had concerns just how premium Google wants these phones to be, and they might be top-tier across the board, or make a few sacrifices to keep prices down (and maybe performance in check). Last week we checked out one theory about LG’s conservative new Nexus hardware, and this week a new source dials thing down even further, suggesting we’ll see a phone that offers some pretty great performance, without trying too hard to impress us with over-the-top specs.

Like we’ve heard before, we’re told to expect a Snapdragon 808 SoC and 3GB of RAM – a very nice start. But unlike the 2K-class screen mentioned in a recent leak, this new source claims this year’s LG Nexus will take a page from the playbook of the old Nexus 5 and return with a 1080p panel.

One other key figure provided by this source is battery capacity, with claims that the new LG Nexus could offer a good-sized 2700mAh battery. Look for the a 12MP/5MP camera pair, 16GB and 32GB storage options (sadly, no 64GB), and a USB type-C connector.

While we don’t pick up a specific number when it comes to pricing, we hear that the LG Nexus should arrive at the “sub-flagship level.” Whether that means $300, $450, or something else remains to be seen. And though this source doesn’t offer much new insight into release plans, the general idea of a late September launch we’ve heard before is repeated.

Source: Android Police

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