Google’s intentions for this year’s lineup of Nexus devices are anything but clear at the moment, and the company has deviated from past habits so many times in recent years, that’s its tough to even form some general expectations of how many models we might be talking about, or what shapes/sizes they might take. At least one rumor has suggested that LG could return as a manufacturer, building one of two possible Nexus handsets. Now some new rumors out of South Korea discuss what the company could be planning for this phone.

The big takeaway from this report is that this LG Nexus phone may arrive with a 3D imaging system. Described as a combination of two main cameras and an additional infrared sensor, it doesn’t sound quite like anything we’ve seen on mainstream hardware. Maybe the closest comparison might be to some of Google’s own Project Tango hardware, with its advanced scanning capabilities. And this IR sensor makes the Nexus phone sound more advanced than a simple 3D camera like on the old LG Optimus 3D.

And unlike the Optimus 3D (above), there’s no sign that this Nexus phone would have a 3D display. Instead, it almost sounds like there could be an eye-tracking fake 3D effect, like on the Amazon Fire Phone. But really, the point of having all this 3D hardware – especially on a Nexus-series device – is difficult to work out at the moment, and this report doesn’t do a great job of painting a full picture of what Google might be up to.

Source: iNews24 (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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