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Hands-on LG Nexus phone leak is a dead ringer for recent renders

By Stephen Schenck August 17, 2015, 10:41 am

Last week might have been dominated by Samsung when it came to launches, but when we’re talking about rumors of upcoming models, the hottest action may have been over with the new Google Nexus phones, instead. After checking out some leaked hardware details we had the opportunity to look at a render of one of the handsets, supposedly based on details of the LG Nexus as provided to case-makers. Considering its unofficial nature, could that video be trusted? We’re feeling a lot more confident about it this week, upon the release over the weekend of a hands-on image of the LG Nexus that sure appears to be a match.

From the raised rear camera, to the flash/AF sensor, to the circular rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, the handset depicted here is pretty much a perfect match for the phone pictured in that unofficial render.

Considering how there’s been some uncertainty surrounding an earlier Nexus leak and whether or not we were looking at a Huawei or an LG device, the presence here of the LG logo on a label is reassuring.

But while this leak is very nice to see, and helps reinforce what we’ve been expecting regarding this model, it doesn’t do much to tell us anything new about the phone; for that we’ll have to just keep waiting, but considering the healthy pace at which Nexus info’s been arriving as of late, we can’t imagine we’ll be waiting too long.

Source: inno yudha (Google+)
Via: XDA-Developers

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