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Among the many announcements that we heard Google make back at I/O earlier this year, we learned of the coming launch of Android Pay, Google’s next-gen mobile payment system and spiritual successor to Google Wallet. And while we’ve known to expect Android Pay to go live following the arrival of Android M later this year, Google hasn’t been sharing a ton of details about just how we’ll see the service debut. Perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising, but a new report claims that Android Pay will arrive with the help of LG, as the service is supported by an LG-made Nexus phone.

Wouldn’t a Nexus phone obviously support a big Android feature that’s going live right around the same time the hardware arrives? OK, that’s hardly a huge stretch, but it’s also far from a certainty, especially with the way rumors suggest we’ll see the Nexus line split into two phones this year; both needn’t deliver identical feature sets, so there’s still some value in hearing a source clearly attribute Android Pay compatibility to the rumored LG Nexus.

The source behind this claim partially points to LG’s familiarity with European and North American markets as a reason why Google might turn to it for help in seeing Android Pay succeed. The implication seems to be that Google may lean harder on LG than Huawei in making NFC-based transactions a selling point of its Nexus handset.

Of course, we’ve yet to verify that Google really is releasing a pair of Nexus phones this year, but confirmation should only be a couple more months away.

Source: Business Korea
Via: phoneArena

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