Some men just want to watch the world burn. Others enjoy seeing the always resourceful DIY specialists from iFixit dismantling popular phones so they don’t have to. Or, on the contrary, so they do if the occasion arises, a component breaks, and the user insists on replacing it himself from the comfort of his home.

As far as the Google and LG-co-developed Nexus 5X is concerned, you’re strongly advised to consult with a professional if the LCD or display glass suffer damage, given the fused assembly doesn’t make the repair of either a very easy task.

Overall however, the relatively affordable, relatively powerful new 5-inch Nexus is also generally modular, letting you swap most of its internal parts one by one in need. By no means as restrictive to casual handymen as, say, the HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, the N5X falls short of the LG G4’s repairability excellence as well.

There’s of course a simple reason the G4 beats its distant cousin in this unusual battle of gory disassembly quickness, and it has everything to do with the non-Nexus LG’s user-removable battery. Still, the N5X’s 2,700 mAh cell should come apart in no time after delicately extracting “some light adhesive”, so at the end of the day, iFixit awards the phone a respectable 7 out of 10 points on its now customary repairability scale.

That’s one point behind the first-gen Nexus 5 and G4, a perfect tie with the iPhone 6s, a slightly better score than the original Nexus 6, and an easy defeat over the 4-point Samsung Galaxy S6.

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