LG Nexus 4 Hands-On Delivers Hardware Details, Benchmarks

Things have really been heating up surrounding rumors of the LG-made Nexus 4 over the past several days. We’ve gone from rumors, to leaked pics, and today we get our first in-depth look at the phone thanks to an early hands-on report.

The guys over at Belarusian site Onliner.by got their hands on one of the prototype Nexus 4 handsets we’ve been seeing so much of lately, affording them the chance to give us some very thorough reports on its design. Mind you, there’s no certainty that this exactly reflects what we’ll see in the final, commercial model, but it’s where things seem to be at the moment.

As has been apparent from the pics we’ve already seen, the Nexus 4 strongly draws upon the look of the Galaxy Nexus. In fact, unless you took a close look at the layout of the earpiece and front-facing camera, you could easily mistake one for the other from up front. Unlike the GNex, though, the Nexus 4 reportedly has a flat glass screen. Around back, things get more different; there’s no camera bump, for one, and the surface may be covered in scratch-resistant glass. Unlike the Galaxy Nexus there are no pogo-pin dock connectors on the side.

The Nexus 4’s display is reportedly beautiful, with a nice, sharp 4.7-inch 720p screen. Image quality is said to surpass the Galaxy Nexus. The phone’s camera is once again confirmed as an eight-megapixel component, rather than the 13MP seen in some Optimus G models.

Things get a little less impressive on the software side. We’re going to chalk a lot of this up to being an in-development model, but performance sounds underwhelming. Benchmarks show the handset not measuring-up to hardware that it should easily be besting. The phone is also running Android 4.1.2, rather than the Android 4.2 we’ve heard rumored would debut alongside the new Nexus.

During their time the phone, the Onliner guys noticed numerous glitches, like problems with the power button, very slow boot times, problems charging over USB, and WiFi issues. Again, we don’t expect to see the phone ship in such condition, and presume Google and LG are already hard at work on tightening-up the software.

If rumors pan-out, we could hope to see the LG Nexus 4 announced on October 29.

Source: Onliner.by (Google Translate)

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