LG confirms “major smartphone” for MWC next month; could we get the G5 so early?

LG’s got its MWC 2016 press event on our calendars, starting the expo off with its “play begins” announcement on February 21. And when we received that save-the-date yesterday, we immediately took to speculating about what hardware could be on the slate. Clearly, the G5 is the big LG phone to look forward to, but we wouldn’t get it as early as MWC … would we? While tempted to dismiss that idea at the time, we’re now giving it a hard second look, after hearing that LG’s confirmed plans to reveal a “major smartphone” at its MWC event.

Back in 2014, LG brought us the G3 in late May. Last year, the company slid its launch announcement up a month to the end of April, putting it more directly up against Samsung and HTC’s own flagship launches. Will that trend only accelerate this year, and LG could slide its own launch right up to when the rest of the big players are introducing their own hero phones?

All that said, while LG may be confirming a major phone at the show, it’s not necessarily saying “flagship-level” device; this could just as easily be a lower-tier model that’s still important to LG for another reason, and what’s “major” to us doesn’t necessarily align with the company’s own ambitions for its 2016 lineup.

If not the G5, then what? The once-rumored G Flex 3 is almost certainly not happening, and what we’ve heard about the successor to the V10 suggests that model’s still pretty far off (and much more likely to debut at IFA than MWC). In the absence of other strong options, maybe we really should start looking to the G5 – though we could just as easily be surprised by something unexpected.

Source: phoneArena

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