LG LV5 leaked, but all is not what it seems

Well, look at what Steve Hemmerstoffer dragged in…

@OnLeaks on Twitter has visuals on another LG phone that may catch our attention, but a name that needs a little more of it. The so-called LV5 may be called something else, but there are a couple of details about the phone that skeeve us out like the rather boring, eggshell-ish, almost amateurishly plain back shell and some weird curvature on the front face.

Heck, there ain’t even an LG logo on this thing, either!

That said, we shouldn’t rely too much into looks, as this is just an rough render anyways. The glass facade taking an enormous curve down to the edge of the phone? That could just be glare. Hemmerstoffer said in a later tweet that the whole panel still tapers off to the sides in a rough 2.5D effect. We may also see a removable back on this phone, too, in addition to that fingerprint sensor.

But all we have is a picture and, effectively, a codename to work with for now… okay, maybe we can judge that rear-mounted speaker grille hard.

Via: XDA-Developers

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