Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800: if mention of that chip doesn’t send a little shiver down your spine, you just haven’t been playing close enough attention to this year’s hot new SoC launches. Announced back at the start of the year alongside models like the Snapdragon 600, the 800 is set to be Qualcomm’s 2013 heavyweight. We’ve heard that the chip is moving out of sampling and into mass production sometime later this month, so we could be seeing the first devices powered by the 800 show up as soon as late summer. All that remains to be seen is who will be first to really harness that 800 power. LG might be just the OEM to do so, upon evidence emerging of an unannounced LG Android that appears to run one of these new Qualcomm chips.

A User Agent Profile on one of Sprint’s servers describes the LG LS980. The phone appears to run Android 4.2.2 and feature a 1080p display. What we’re most interested in, though, is the mention of an M8974 – in full, that’s the MSM8974, the Snapdragon 800 itself.

So, what phone will this model end up arriving as? Well, the original Optimus G was the LS970, and LG has already started using 980 in reference to the Optimus G Pro – the AT&T version is the E980, for instance. That means that this guy might not be Optimus G II, which would have been our first guess, and could conceivably be a souped-up Sprint version of the G Pro instead. That’s still a little weird, as it would be arriving well after the G Pro first launched, closer to the time when we imagine the G II will be emerging as LG’s new flagship. Why go to the trouble of a hardware refresh like this appears to be?

Source: Sprint (RDF)
Via: Blog of Mobile!!

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