It’s not very ‘smart’, but LG’s Levitating Portable Speaker hides some tricks up its sleeve

Bluetooth speakers capable of floating in mid-air aren’t entirely new, and as cool as they look and (occasionally) sound, they’re far less exciting and trendy than so-called “smart” speakers like Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo or Tap families, or the recently debuted Google Home.

Some may even deem a quirky product such as LG’s aptly titled new Levitating Portable Speaker gimmicky, although the Korean company does vow to “deliver high-quality audio” in addition to “making a lasting impression” with an “eye-catching design.”

Hardly striking at a first glance, the minimalistic cord-free accessory for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or essentially anything Bluetooth-enabled leverages “powerful electromagnets housed within its Levitation Station” to, well, magically defy gravity.

The truly interesting thing about it however is probably that it automatically descends to its docking station when the 10-hour battery starts to dwindle, charging wirelessly without you needing to lift a finger or pause music playback.

Carrying model number PJ9, the surprisingly intelligent “dumb” speaker can also withstand “adverse weather conditions”, courtesy of IPX7 standard compliance, while Dual Passive Radiator technology reproduces “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs for enhanced sound quality.” Oh, and you can connect it to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth.

LG will further detail the PJ9 Levitating Portable Speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, filling out pricing and availability blanks when also properly unveiling updated K Series phones, as well as the Stylus 3.

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