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LG launches OLED EX display tech: a competitor to mini LED

By Sanuj Bhatia December 30, 2021, 4:45 am
lg oled ex display tech Source: LG

Ahead of the CES 2022 event, LG has already announced a couple of new additions to its portfolio, including its first-ever gaming laptop and an odd-looking DualUp monitor. The company has now revealed another display technology ahead of January's event called OLED EX. When compared to conventional OLED displays, LG says the new OLED EX is 30% brighter, is better in terms of picture accuracy, and will allow even slimmer bezels in TVs. One of the 65-inch TV LG showcased had 33% smaller bezels at only 4mm bezels, down from 6mm.

The 'EX' in OLED EX stands for “Evolution” and “eXperience”. There are two crucial improvements in LG's new OLED tech. First is the use of a chemical element called Deuterium (an isotope of Hydrogen). And the second one is the incorporation of personalized image algorithm. LG says, “[the new display tech can] precisely [control] the display’s energy input to more accurately express the details and colors of the video content being played.”


LG Display's very own 'personalized algorithm' based on machine learning technology, OLED EX is more in control of its own device. The algorithm predicts the usage amount of up to 33 million organic light-emitting diodes based on 8K OLED displays after learning individual viewing patterns, and precisely controls the display's energy input to more accurately express the details and colors of the video content being played.

lg oled ex display for TV Source: LG

As Engadget notes, the new display technology from LG comes amid the adoption of mini LED in the tech industry. OLED panels lose out to mini LED when it comes to brightness. And even though OLED EX can't still reach the 2,000 nits of brightness that the mini LED technology boasts, it will be better than the typical 500-600 nits of brightness that a normal OLED panel features. Moreover, OLED EX also retains the capability of lighting each light-emitting diode of the panel, resulting in better colors, whereas mini LED still relies on "lighting zones".

Despite the global TV market experiencing a 12 percent decline this year, we still observed a 70 percent growth in OLED sales […] With our new OLED EX technology, we aim to provide even more innovative high-end customer experiences through the evolution of our OLED technology, algorithms and designs.” – Dr. Oh Chang-ho, Executive Vice President & head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display

The company says it will start manufacturing OLEX EX TVs from the second quarter of 2022 at its plants in Paju, South Korea, and Guangzhou. However, we can expect LG to showcase a few TVs with the new OLED EX display technology at the company's CES 2022 event next month.

Source: LG | Via: Engadget


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