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LG unveils Gram 16 and 17 with 12th gen Intel CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 2050

By Roland Udvarlaki March 21, 2022, 10:31 am
LG Gram 16 and 17 series 2022 Source: LG

Last year’s LG Gram laptops came with the 11th Gen Intel CPUs and used the integrated XE graphics. The new LG Gram series comes with the latest 12th gen Intel processors, and they also have optional dedicated NVIDIA RTX 2050 graphics onboard, providing even more performance for graphics-intensive tasks.

The new LG Gram 16 (16Z90Q) and LG Gram 17 (17Z90Q) are lightweight and pack large batteries. The Gram 16 weighs just 1,285 grams. The LG Gram 17 comes with a 17-inch display, and it weighs only 1,435 grams, making it one of the lightest 17-inch laptops on the market. Both laptops pack a large 90Wh battery (for the NVIDIA 2050 models), the maximum capacity you can take on an airplane. It’s worth noting that the ones that use the integrated graphics will have an 80Wh battery instead. Both battery capacities will allow for 65W charging (via LG and GSMArena).


Both of the new devices have a 16:10 aspect ratio and WQXGA 2,560 x 1,600 resolution IPS displays with DCI-P3 of 99%. The displays also pack an anti-glare coating that prevents light reflection and glare, and it can also help reduce eye strain when working for long periods.

LG Gram 2022 ports Source: LG

The LG Gram 16 comes with an Intel 12th generation i5-1240P CPU, while the LG Gram 17 comes with either the same i5 CPU, or the i7-1260P processor. Some models are equipped with the Irix XE iGPU and rely on it, while some other models will also have an NVIDIA RTX 2050 on board. The base RAM capacity is 8GB, and it is configurable up to 32GB LPDDR5, but it’s soldered in; therefore you’ll have to make up your mind before your purchase, as there’s no way to upgrade later. The laptops are also equipped with PCIe 4.0 x4 SSDs, which are 22% faster, and the base capacity will start at 256GB. Both models will have additional expansion slots.

Both devices carry two USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports with Thunderbolt 4 and USB Power Delivery, and there’s also a full-size HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microSD card reader. When it comes to wireless connectivity, it features Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.1.

LG also included a few neat tricks using AI. When the user is facing away from the computer, and there is someone else behind the user, the screen will dim, or the display will show a warning message. When a secondary monitor is connected, the mouse will also move to the other screen without any additional setup.

LG Gram 2022 Availability

LG Gram 2022 colors
LG Gram 2022 colors
Source: LG

The LG Gram 16 and 17 will be available in South Korea from April. The LG Gram 16 with an i5 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 256GB storage will be available for KRW 2.29 million ($1,885), and the LG Gram 17 with i5, 16GB RAM, and 256GB storage will start at KRW 2.39 million ($1,970). Both devices will be available in Black, White, and Charcoal colors. It’s not clear when the new devices will become available in North America, but LG often unveils its devices in the US one month after the unveiling.


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