LG Gelato Q aka Optimus II FCC Cleared En-Route To Verizon

We first heard of the LG Optimus II Gelato with the occasion of the comprehensive T-Mobile 2011 roadmap leak but with no other details and then again it surfaced in Sprint’s system with a September 11 ship date. It appears that a Verizon variant — VS700 — has been just FCC cleared making this the third operator we hear about in relation to the smartphone.

The LG Gelato Q made its visit to FCC and got clearance for CDMA/EvDO frequency 850MHz and 1900Mhz which makes it a great candidate for Verizon. We’re taking into consideration that the Gelato Q might be a revamped, upgraded Optimus One, since the first reference named it the Optimus II (Two). It could also very well be a QWERTY slider variant of the Optimus 2x or something in the vein of.

Since “gelato” in Italian means “ice cream” we couldn’t help but wonder whether it will ship with Android’s latest mobile platform, Ice Cream Sandwich but then again that includes a biscuit while Froyo itself is closer to the cold desert. Nevertheless, if LG takes the same approach like with the Optimus One, we could see a cornucopia of variants, one for each carrier — and another truckload of international models too.

Source: FCC

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