LG is said to rely on an LCD display for its next original flagship smartphone release.

According to information received by Evan Blass, reporting for VentureBeat, the phone will not be called the “G7,” but it has reportedly been internally labeled “Judy.” As an improved version of the V30 is set to debut at MWC 2018, there has been some question as to when this device would launch, but there is now a tentative June timeframe set.

Judy’s 6.1-inch 2:1 display will take on a RGBW subpixel structure (red, green, blue and white). That dedicated subpixel can aid in punching brightness up to 800 nits, though the display — which will be branded as MLCD+ — will use 35 percent less power than a typical IPS unit, yet quite punchy to support HDR10 content. It’s a step away from LG Display’s own OLED product featured in the original V30 and, if this proves true, a vast improvement from the G6’s 5.7-inch display.

One of the other standout features on the phone is a stereo “boombox” speaker, something that would perhaps top the bottom-side mono speaker on LG phones of old.

More typical line items include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 64GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, IP68 elements resistance, wireless charging, voice recognition, AI-powered features in the software and in camera vision. We should get a trial run at those artificial intelligence features with the V30 refresh. It isn’t clear if the LG will keep the dual-camera deployment at the rear of the phone that it has traditionally done, but regardless of if it has a wide-angle camera, both units will be at parity for the first time with 16 megapixels in resolution and have f/1.6 apertures.

There’s the potential that a Plus model will come along to boost memory banks later on, just like the G6 had its G6+.

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