There might be two LG G7 versions in the pipeline, letting you choose between OLED and LCD tech

In addition to manufacturing sharp OLED displays for other companies, with an eye towards helping Apple reduce its reliance on Samsung supply, LG obviously uses said high-quality panels for its own devices too.

But the well-reviewed V30 hasn’t exactly proven to be a box-office hit, which is why the G7 could see daylighteventually with a similar cost-cutting LCD screen as its predecessor from way back in February 2017.

There’s also a good chance the LG G7 will come in two variants, offering consumers the choice between a trendy OLED and passé LCD. It’s worth pointing out that the latter technology still has its benefits, both for the end user and smartphone vendor, significantly reducing expenses for OEMs while excelling as far as durability goes.

If LG ends up supplying Apple with millions of OLEDs for the next “all-screen” iPhone generation, it might also make sense to release a more affordable G7 model in higher numbers, and a limited edition of sorts for display performance sticklers.

Either way, word around the street is the LG G7 (which is apparently still a tentative name) will be launched as early as May, at least in Korea. It remains unclear if other enhancements or upgrades are planned for the OLED version, and if the two G7 editions have an identical timeline in sight. In fact, not a lot is guaranteed at this point, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering how many times LG has revised its intentions of late.

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