Latest, sharpest LG G7 ThinQ render tries to divert attention away from iPhone X-style notch

We have a (convoluted) name and (fast-approaching) date straight from the horse’s mouth, and pretty much all of the important design elements have been revealed in various renders and even some early prototype photos. But you can never have too many crisp (ev-) leaked images confirming the promotional look of a highly moderately anticipated device like the LG G7 ThinQ.

What we’re looking at today is almost certainly an official marketing render of the long overdue G6 sequel, which seems to more closely resemble the V30 and V30S ThinQ. Just like the latter, the G7 ThinQ aims to substantially improve your user experience with a number of AI tricks, adding a dedicated side button to the equation for quick and convenient voice assistance.

The Bixby-like switch is not in view in this latest product depiction, with a power key instead located on the right side, which means the rear-mounted fingerprint reader no longer pulls double duty. The wallpaper and background selection makes it obvious LG doesn’t want you to notice that iPhone X-inspired notch too much, and something tells us a “black-out” feature, aimed at blending in the notifications and status bar, is coming right out the box.

There will be no way to hide that generous “chin”, unfortunately, which offsets the fact the LG G7 ThinQ notch seems a little smaller than the iPhone X’s screen cutout. All in all, this is not an ugly device by any measure, and it’s set to improve the already impressive dual camera arrangement on the V30 while also moving up to a Snapdragon 845 processor.

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