LG G7 ThinQ

It’s usually not a good sign when a smartphone vendor unveils a new high-end model, and several major US carriers quickly vow to throw their weight behind it, yet nobody is willing to confirm or even hint at anything in the retail pricing department.

Then again, LG did make it crystal clear right off the bat the G7 ThinQ wouldn’t be quite as expensive as recent V-series releases, and at least in Korea, we now have the official numbers to back that claim.

While the V30S ThinQ fetched the local equivalent of around $975 at launch a couple of months ago, and the “regular” V30 started at KRW 949,300 last fall, the LG G7 ThinQ is slated for a May 18 domestic commercial debut with a KRW 898,700 price tag attached to its (convoluted) name.

That roughly equates to $835, although we have reason to believe the US MSRP will be closer to $700. That’s how much the unlocked G6 used to cost back in the day, while in Korea, it initially commanded a list price higher than the G7 ThinQ by just 1,100 won.

If history is any indication, certain American wireless service providers might be able to charge even less than 700 bucks outright, making the AI-infused Snapdragon 845 6.1-incher a hard to resist bargain. Unless perhaps you’re curious about that AT&T-exclusive V35 ThinQ expected out this summer.

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