Chatter around Korea’s second-largest chaebol has placed plenty of doubt as to whether LG can actually produce and market a G7 this spring. The company is on a mission to defray years of losses from its mobile division. Revenues didn’t line up with expenses, especially with marketing that has failed to connect with consumers.

Would LG only come out with another updated V30 at MWC 2018?

LG won’t say, but it has come into verbal fisticuffs with much of the rumors. The chaebol sent a statement which reads:

Some stories have reported that LG’s mobile division is delaying the release of the G7 in order to reevaluate its performance and design. This is inaccurate. Preparations for the launch of the G6’s successor are on schedule.

LG intends to focus on creating products that will result in meaningful results rather than launching new products on a schedule based solely on industry expectations and traditions. The release date for G7 is currently under consideration and will be announced when the time is right.

In the speculative decision by LG Electronics vice chairman Jo Seong-jin to reset the design process for the G7, the company was, in theory, controlling its own destiny. It is interesting to see the company pay shrift to “industry expectations and traditions” in batting away the chatter, though the fact is that the company has launched its last two iterations of its “spring” flagship device at MWC, the G4 in late April, the G3 in late May and the G2 in August. The pattern is fairly incongruous with Samsung’s Galaxy S releases.

However, whether this statement will be able to act as a convincing narrative surrounding the ultimate launch date of the device will have to be seen.

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