We’ve gone from expecting the LG G7 to see daylight in January to expecting no G7 at all in the space of under five months, and now we’re hearing about the G7 from a very credible source again.

That canceled prototype purportedly showcased behind closed doors at MWC 2018 a couple of weeks ago may not be canceled after all, as Korean media today predicts an LG G7 launch in May with an iPhone X-style notch in tow.

The local company is obviously unwilling to discuss “new products” on the record, apart from admitting there’s no firm venue for the announcement event, rumored to take place sometime in late April or early May.

The G7 could go official in Korea, the US or Europe, most likely packing a Snapdragon 845 processor and “upgraded” RAM. We’re guessing that means a V30S ThinQ-matching 6 gigs of memory, which should explain the expected $940 or so starting price.

We’re talking a million Korean Won, give or take, with a G7 Plus variant tipped to fetch even more money. The two will probably only differ in internal storage, otherwise sharing a vertical dual rear-facing camera with 16MP sensors, Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio functions, a battery measuring around 3000mAh boasting “improved power efficiency”, and of course, all the AI capabilities of the V30S ThinQ.

Like the V30, but unlike the G6, the LG G7 is expected to sport an OLED screen with razor-thin bezels, as well as a notch “borrowed” from the iPhone X to house the front-facing camera. Further down the line, the plan is to unveil a G7S or V40 in November, although a lot can change until then.

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