LG G7 could come a ‘little late’ to market after all, MWC event reportedly not happening

Instead of clearing up, recent confusion over LG’s G7 release plans and a possible upgraded V30 taking the delayed next flagship’s place at MWC 2018 is only intensifying.

Less than a week after the chaebol called “preparations for the launch of the G6’s successor on schedule”, an unnamed company spokesperson exclusively confirmed in a (very) short talk with IDG’s Tech Advisor that LG is “not holding a press conference at MWC this year.”

Technically, the two statements are not antithetical, as the LG G6 saw daylight at the previous Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February 2017, following a G5 unveiled at MWC 2016, while the G4 was actually announced in April 2015.

It’s therefore possible LG planned a slightly later G7 rollout than we thought all along, skipping this year’s Mobile World Congress to focus on more substantial upgrades. Then again, CY Kim, LG’s managing director in South Africa, reportedly confirmed at a recent Innofest event in Cape Town that an “upgraded version” of the V30 will be introduced at MWC.

The simplest explanation for that apparent contradiction would be a low-key V30+Alpha presentation without a dedicated keynote, although Kim was also quoted as saying the LG G7 would be “a little bit late.” This is quite a messy PR situation, and it almost makes it seem like the company doesn’t know where to go and what to do next.

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