LG G7 development reportedly halted, March launch seems highly unlikely

While arch-rival Samsung has definitely settled on a Galaxy S9 release schedule, probably having a good idea when it wants to launch the Note 9 as well, LG’s 2017 mobile strategy remains in a constant state of flux.

Following more losing quarters than the chaebol would like to remember, a new captain was appointed for the slowly sinking smartphone ship late last year. Conflicting reports then came from left and right about both timelines and branding plans, with everything still up in the air, according to fresh rumors based on intel purportedly supplied by a “company official who asked for anonymity.”

Said anonymous executive claims LG Electronics Vice Chairman and CEO Jo Seong-jin sent a “direct order down to the working-level officials” after CES 2018 for G7 development efforts to be immediately halted, reviewed and revised.

This probably means the LG G7 will not be released in March either, although a “new decision on a possible launch date” is likely to come “around the Lunar New Year holiday next month.”

It’s still unclear if the phone will be called the G7, and we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a product cancelation or perhaps a further delay until summer or fall. After all, the new strategy does demand flagship upgrades only when they are needed, and not just because the competition is doing them. Thus, it remains to be seen how quickly LG can find a strong selling point after starting product development from scratch again.

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