LG G6: What’s Your Wishlist for LG’s Next Smartphone? (Video)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle appeared to come at the perfect time for arch-rival LG, which had its own difficulties popularizing the experimental modular G5. But while the V20 stole the hearts of many power users, audiophiles and videophiles, including a large chunk of Pocketnow’s editorial team, it was still viewed as kind of a nichey device.

A stepping stone before a “mainstream” LG G6, which is now right around the corner, promising to, well, stir controversy with a number of potentially divisive shifts, upgrades and tradeoffs.

In our latest commentary video, Juan Bagnell tackles all that we know, we don’t know, the things we hope for, and those we’re a bit nervous about in anticipation of a February 26 announcement at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Very little about the LG G6 is technically still kept under wraps, although its makers seem to suggest there’s more than meets the eye with a series of cryptic, intriguing teasers. “More intelligence”, more reliability, more resistance under pressure, and definitely, more than your typical super-sharp screen, powerful processor and plentiful RAM count.

Hopefully, this means bootloop issues are a thing of the past, as well as questionable build quality, with perhaps V20’s shock and drop resistance borrowed and improved in addition to that booming Quad DAC. Any other hopes and dreams?

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