LG G6 vs Huawei P10: The pretty AND powerful showdown (Video)

With review season upon us, you’re probably curious to check out the conclusions of our in-depth LG G6 examination after seeing the Huawei P10 rated an overall solid but short of stellar 8.2 by top Pocketnow gadget critic Juan Bagnell.

While the other big MWC 2017 contender still runs pre-release software, no doubt impacting its general performance, UI smoothness, battery endurance and efficiency, we thought it’d be a nice treat for all you Android power users out there looking for an upgrade to pit the non-final G6 against a fully polished P10.

The results of this preliminary comparison make it that much harder to pick just one H1 2017 flagship worth waiting for, not to mention how tough it’s going to be for Samsung to eclipse both these bad boys, and retain its long-standing industry domination.

Without ruining the head-to-head winner surprise, let’s underline the two companies’ very different design, camera technology, software and even audio approaches. There are of course also a number of similarities, though we honestly can’t imagine dual imaging solutions so distinctly comprehensive, for instance. Bottom line, this is a showdown for the ages, and whichever of the two phones you may end up buying, we salute you.

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