Meet the all new LG G6! (Video)

With the next Samsung Galaxy S announcement “delayed” until late March, the question on everyone’s lips for a while now has been whether or not LG can step up to the plate and single-handedly steal the MWC 2017 show.

It’s still the dawn of the trade fair’s Day 0 over in Barcelona, and there are many other interesting phones left to be unveiled, but we have to admit the LG G6 makes a phenomenal first impression. Oft-rumored, thoroughly leaked and profusely rendered ahead of its formal introduction, the 5.7-inch beast looks nothing like its predecessor, and that’s great news.

The thick aluminum trim, combined with a glass front and back sitting flush with an improved dual camera setup, manage the impossible, eclipsing the V20 in robustness while retaining a certain industrial elegance.

Then you have another small step in the general direction of truly bezelless handsets, with just 20 percent of the phablet’s face occupied by smoothly rounded screen borders. One-handed operation isn’t too awkward all in all, and the unusual 18:9 aspect ratio makes watching movies on the go a cinematic-like experience.

Unfortunately, market restrictions threaten to impact the G6’s wow factor, and although we completely understand why it needs to pack a Snapdragon 821 processor, we can’t help but wonder what could have been. We’re also curious to see some final software run on this bad boy, with a full review of course coming soon. For the time being, say hello to Google Assistant… on Android 7.0.

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