Impressive both at first glance and after spending some quality time with it, both from a real audio perspective and when examined in detail versus a stiff competitor, the LG G6 is almost ready to see daylight around the world.

Up for grabs exclusively in the company’s homeland of Korea, the beautiful 5.7-incher trapped in a typical 5.2-inch or so body looks set for an early April launch across key North American and European markets.

Specifically, April 7 stateside and up north, with limited Canadian pre-orders already underway, and surprise, surprise, Verizon purportedly gearing up for its own early start south of the border tomorrow.

That’s March 17, and the pleasant surprises don’t end there, as the LG G6 will come bundled with way more than a free Google Home from Big Red. New unlimited plan subscribers also have complimentary 43-inch LG Smart TVs to look forward to, plus $200 guaranteed trade-in value for “select” devices.

In total, “minimum” savings amount to $678.99, and that’s for a premium new phone which will only set you back $672 in the first place. Even better, you can split the reasonable full retail price in 24 monthly payments of $28 each.

Upgrading VZW Unlimited customers get just the $200 trade-in gift and Google Home freebie, while those signing up to other plans also skip the former offer. Still, everyone’s looking at pretty killer bargains here, not to mention the extra $650 switcher promo and up to $500 Fios bundle credits. T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, you have the floor.

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