The LG G6 is less than 18 months old, but with a Snapdragon 821 processor under the hood and so many new G and V-series flagships released of late, it feels pretty much dead and buried.

That said, even though the “FullVision” 5.7-incher should have left its pre-installed Nougat-flavored OS behind months ago, it’s certainly nice to see the Oreo love being spread around at long last.

The official Android 8.0 rollout obviously began in LG’s home market in late April, and Verizon actually followed suit very quickly as the first US carrier to bring the G6 (mostly) up to date from a software standpoint.

It didn’t take long for Sprint to also join the party, and now we’re seeing multiple online reports of Oreo goodies reaching the phone’s AT&T-locked variant, as well as US unlocked units.

We’re talking LG G7 models numbered H871 and US997 respectively, which still leaves T-Mobile-specific versions waiting for the long overdue OS makeover effort. The “Un-carrier” claims the Korean device manufacturer is still “working on” the software update, so you may need to sit tight a few more days or a couple of extra weeks.

Back to the H871 and US997 models, we should probably mention their upgrades are quite hefty, at 1.8GB or so, requiring you free up enough storage space and make sure your battery is fully charged before starting the OTA download and installation process. Enjoy!

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